I want to say two things to you, an A thing and a B thing. So, here is A: I know I have said this before, in fact I know I have said it recently, but I am now saying it again, it is the A thing, I am saying to you that sometimes when people neither like nor understand the work I'm doing, that is to say the paintings I am making, it is an indication to me that I am on the right path. In the work I am doing now, this is most certainly the case. Eventually, it may prove everybody else is right and I am wrong, but I sincerely doubt it, I sincerely believe that the work I am doing is exactly what I ought to be doing, and when I see people scratch their heads or when they say to me, "But what does it mean?" then I have my little indication that it means something, it is only up to time to ferret out what. The B thing is this: The air quality these past days has been super horrendous! One day, when I finally move to the country, into the green woods heavy with leaves and animated by an immeasurable lot of many things, I will take deep breaths of air every day and thank my lucky stars that finally I have fresh air. In the meantime, I will tell you A, B and C things as much as it comes to my mind to, but I will not be getting good air. It is really a little like being up a chimney.