Here is what I beleive, it is perhaps the only thing I believe, I believe that the gods will crush us for our hubris, and I am so often guilty of this hubris and I am just as often crushed, and then I am absent of hubris, and then I begin my ascent back to hubris's hilltop, where the gods await me in their aspect of towering gods with gigantic paws. But if I do not believe in what I am doing (in my work—I do not do anything but work), if I do not believe in it such that it creates a sort of many-horse-powered motor that speeds me to the crown of that hilltop, speeds me forcefully, then I do not think it would be worth doing, I must believe in it to such an extent that I am willing to be crushed, to be swung from the summit to the depths in one disdainful arm-flung motion, but you see, then I am guilty of hubris, and then I am crushed, and then I do not feel that I had been very willing at all because then all is confusion, all is disappointment, all is struggle to regain what was good in my work, and so you must understand, it is a very delicate balance of certitude and humility that I must continually try to manage, and I do not think I manage it well, for I am always rushing up and making my hilltop shouts of triumph and then I am always finding myself with dirt in my mouth as I climb onto my feet from my flung-down position.