It is often that I have remarked that I am like a dog, I have been saying to people, "I am like a dog," for so many years, I do not know that I say anything else to people other than, "I am like a dog." Certainly, it is true that I am loyal, that loyalty runs through me like a steel beam, but that is not why I say I am like a dog, which I am. I say it because, like the dog, my present reality is my only reality, I am quite unable to compare my present reality to past experience, so that if I am sad in the moment, then I am always sad, I am sad from the moment I was born until the one in which I hit the grave, probably with a heart so engorged with sorrow, it will have to be an extra-large grave; if, on the other hand, I am feeling joy, there is no such thing as sorrow, it does not exist. Actually, as I write this, it seems the equation is not that algebraic, for I do believe in sorrow, even in joy. It is joy that is sometimes difficult to believe in: when it is absent, it is fully absent; yet when sorrow is gone, it is still present. In fact, sorrow is probably the crossbeam within me, and that is my architecture, loyalty and sorrow. But I have strayed from today's theme, I have lost the point, I am astray (it is true, I sometimes feel like a stray)! I am telling you all of this not because I have told too few people in my life that I am like a dog, but because the last time I wrote, I said I didn't like my work, but that was only on that day, I was lacking the perspective that I do like my work, that I am quite happy with the work I am doing! But perhaps I am not all that much like a dog, for I am certain that although I am presently loving the work I am doing, I will one day dislike it intensely and disavow my entire method—I possess that knowledge and perspective, and that is not like a dog at all!