It staggers me to think of all I could reveal to you in here! I could give you directions to the map to the keys to the kingdom, and the kingdom would be in no danger of being sacked. I could give you the spell that would transform your enemies into scaly creatures, and your enemies would stay beautiful and keep their power over you. I could tell you the secret love spell that would give you ownership of the charismatic's heart, and that heart would never make its way into your hands. I could reveal the unsaid alphabet and give you its arrangements for songs that summoned wealth and sunward talent, and you would remain poor and chained to the earth. Here, here, my friend, is where you'll find the Holy Grail, and here is the way to untie the Gordian knot, here are the answers to Why and Who and How, and the name of God is composed on your tongue in such and such a way, I could tell you all these things and so much more besides, and you would never know, you would never know! But these are not my secrets to reveal, and I do not wish to be given some eternal repetitive punishing task, so even if they were my secrets to reveal, and even if I knew a single one of them, I would not reveal them, I would never reveal them. So you are right to not seek answers here, you are correct to be incurious. It is I who am ignorant, you who are wise, for you know where not to come in order to give your incuriosity its full meal.