I wonder if it would be possible, I mean really possible, to shift one's perspective as an artist. I mean this literally. (I mean all things literally, despite my many uses of metaphor—it is only that I take metaphors pretty literally.) My point of view as a painter is always head-on—the paintings, therefore, are confrontational, in their way. You stand eye to eye with what I've painted, even if that thing does not have eyes. I think there's quite a lot of intimacy in that, and I do think most of my paintings are intimate. Some would call them deeply personal and/or confessional. They are that too. Perhaps they are my displaced bid for attention. But to shift one's perspective, would this be possible? Of course, yes, I could begin painting from different perspectives, it is of course possible to do this, but would those paintings be honest? Does my affinity for the head-on, confrontational perspective say something fundamental about my work, and would shifting that perspective put the work in the realm of the false? That is my today's question. I was going to tell you about this abstract painting I've been working on, I was going to tell you how both boring and agonizing I find the process of making abstract paintings, and I was going to go into further detail, or maybe just added or extra (repeated) detail (for I have told you all of it before, although not here, and there is, it has been established, no actual you), into why that is, but perspective slathered to be petted, and I could not resist its slathering. It looked me in the eyes!