Do you know how some people can put on cloaks of invisibility, if they are lucky enough to possess one? Or how there are seeds that people can swallow that will make them—temporarily!—appear to vanish? There are potions, of course, that do this too, but they are very closely guarded and the ingredients are harder to come by than they used to be—it has even been argued by some that the crucial elements have disappeared from the earth altogether, and not temporarily. In this case the disappearance isn’t magic, it’s tragedy, brought on by man’s egregious custodianship of the planet and, by extension, her satellites. (We have the archaic Greeks to thank for that, they who suppressed the goddess and in so doing paved the way for the goddessless religions and the near-total dominance of the worship of an all-powerful father god—the Great Imbalance that has led to rampant wildfires and angry seas and dying trees and punishing skies, et cetera, et cetera.) Well, it turns out, you don’t need cloaks or seeds or rare ingredients of any kind! All you have to do is name a thing “Untitled,” and it will be invisible to everyone! They just won’t see it. Try it! Go into a crowded coffee shop and announce yourself as Untitled, and watch as the spoons continue to spin in their cups (I do not mean by this that they are drunk, I mean they are doing their job), the waitresses will mark their pads with words for food, the bell over the door will ring, then ring again, and the long, low murmur of conversation will never cease. You will stand there, as Untitled, and not a single eye will come to rest on you because you simply won’t be seen. Or try this: