Sometimes I don’t like to write these paragraphs because I don’t like to bury earlier ones. It is the format of the thing. I have always disliked it! But it is what I have available to me, and I must live with it. Blogs are like burial mounds. Okay, that is the last time I will submit to that word, ever. Far more than I dislike the format, I despise the word. That is why I use paragraphs instead, which is also not to my liking, but the word at least has the merit of tradition. In a former iteration of this work, I called the entries “globs,” which I liked, it amused me, but that was the nature only of that iteration, it would not be fitting to refer to this one as a glob, it does not have the same whimsicality as the former one did, that one was something entirely different and far stranger, it was the one I had hidden in my menu on my former website, it would have taken, as I mentioned earlier (now buried), a pinpoint accident to find it. I do not know how to refer to this work, I have not come up with an adequate umbrella term. I will tell you, I don’t like entries either, and posts is unacceptable. You see my problem. Except for the availability of the format, I hate just about everything else about it. What I love are words, what I love is putting together words in order to communicate whatever it is I wish, of a morning, to communicate, even if what I wish to communicate is of no interest to anyone except myself. What I love, simply, is writing. It is only too bad that the more I write, the more I bury what I write, the more I condemn my writing to a dark and airless death. Only the scales of the surface fish shine.